Mining Saskatchewan's Energy


Canshale is a private Canadian Company, incorporated in January 2010 and headquartered at Suite 600, 7015 Macleod Tr SW, Calgary, Alberta T2H2K6. Canshale’s principals have a proven track record and decades of experience in the development and operations of large, unconventional resource projects. Their experience ranges from the early days of Suncor through to the design, development and operations of some of the newest oil sands operations. Canshale’s personnel have first-hand knowledge of how to build and operate large industrial developments and, importantly have experienced the implications these projects have on nearby communities, society and the environment.

Canshale’s vision is to generate the energy people need at a cost that future generations and the planet can afford. By merging the newest environmental technologies with classic industrial designs, the conflicting goals of environmental stewardship and economic growth can be reconciled. Canshale, by taking the appropriate time and completing focused research, has developed an integrated design for its Golden Plain Project delivering a dramatically lower environmental footprint with enviable economic results.

The Golden Plain Project has taken over 8 years of diligent effort, to delineate the appropriate resource, determine the best available technologies, design to exceed regulatory needs and deliver a project concept that will meet all economic, social and environmental hurdles. The results of these efforts include:

  1. A unique flowsheet that delivers high value products, generates minimal external impacts and facilitates carbon capture.
  2. A mineable resource measuring 12 Billion barrels of third party-evaluated Contingent Resources.
  3. An opportunity for Saskatchewan to achieve its current environmental goals and materially grow its economy while increasing and diversifying its energy production.